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This purchase is for 6 puppy classes with Kirsten starting from Sunday. 19th February 2023.


This class is held at the Scout Hall of the 46th Angus Scout Group:


1 Liff Road

Birkhill, Muirhead



This purchase entitles two dogs to join the classes. You will be contacted to confirm what time your class will start, i.e., 10 am or 11am.


Terms and Conditions

This purchase includes the physical classes, lesson materials as well as access to the Inside Out App's Puppy Course.


It does not include access to other Inside Out's material, merchandise or events until the completion of the Puppy Course, i.e., after lesson 6 and passing the assessment at the end.


Please note that once you have commenced the block, we will not be able to refund any missed classes or incompleted courses. You may still use the App to catch up on lessons.

Puppy Class for Two

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