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Who we are

Pretty Happy Dogs started in 2017 as a Dog Walking business in Dundee and its surrounds. The goal was always to interact with as many dogs as possible to gain an extensive understanding of canine behaviour, temperament and responses to our in-house training method. Meanwhile, I managed to get a space in a Masters Programme to study Clinical Animal Behaviour through The University of Edinburgh.

Whenever I introduce us, I would always say we are “Pretty Happy Dogs - Not overly happy, not under-happy, just pretty happy” :) The dogs that have experienced our services, both our own and our clients’ dogs, epitomise our ethos and approach to providing holistic training methods to increase positivity and confidence in dogs, as well as build a strong, unbreakable bond between human and canine.

My goal is to develop dogs that are not left wanting or needing anything to make them whole, content, fulfilled and the best versions of themselves.

My method is simple - gentle and kind, firm but familiar. It is based on behaviour research with an added artful twist that only a softened heart can deliver. Think of it as operant conditioning as it would be taught by a Shaolin Master. In order for change to happen, we must be willing. In order to change to be lasting, we must reflect.

So, here I ask you to send a few moments to reflect on yourself - your life, your commitments, your goals, your relationships and finally, your bond with your dog.

Do you feel a smile creeping onto your face as you cast your thoughts to the above? Why so, or why not?

Whatever your feel in your reflection, feel them well and then let them go. For now, there is plenty to do - your journey with your dog is only just beginning!

I am so grateful for the chance to share my values, beliefs and dreams with you! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for your relationship with your pup!​



My method is simple - gentle and kind, firm but familiar.

Kirsten Koh

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