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Kiss Separation Issues, Good-Boy!

This Sep-ara-tember, join me and hopefully many other owners on this course, where we will learn to teach our young puppies or older dogs to enjoy having some time on their own.

When the first Covid restrictions were imposed, many of us started to introduce puppies and dogs into our families. As we worked more and more from home, having a canine companion certainly helped to ease the uncomfortable feelings of isolation by providing a physical presence as well as emotional support within the four walls of our 'new office space'.

When restrictions were lifted and we started to go out more for work and recreation, many of us found ourselves struggling to leave our trusted canine companions at home because, well, they have never been left on their on all this time!


Ripped carpets, window blinds, overturned rubbish bins, etc., are but some of the post-mortem evidence of our furry friends' behaviours when we were out - not really illuminating the level of fear and anxiety that our loyal sidekicks experience when we leave them.

Enter Sep-ara-tember - a month-long separation training programme researched extensively and designed specifically to help owners to teach their dogs to be left, whether they are young naive puppies who are only 3-4 months old, or older wiser dogs who are 'privy' to your leaving patterns and almost become a different dog as soon as you set foot outside.

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Puppies Under 20 weeks

Who this is for

If you have a naive or young puppy who have not yet been exposed to isolation or being left, learn from scratch how to start the process of leaving your puppy.

As a rule of thumb, we want to avoid having the puppy make any negative associations to you leaving the house.

Click on the 'Learn More' button to find out more about the course.

Who this course is for

Your older and wiser puppy or dog has caught on to your leaving pattern and stress-pants even before you think about dressing up to go out. When you return home, you find a trail of destruction or mess that your puppy has made.

In this course, you will learn to help your dog to make new associations as he unlearns old ones. Slowly, but surely, you will both establish a new routine that will help you to still have a life outside of your puppy time.

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Older 'Wiser' Pups & Dogs

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Let's work together to leave our puppies at home without any stress!

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