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£1 Puppy Class

This August, I started holding classes for £1 per dog just for August.


Because I love teaching and I love seeing puppies and owners getting it right!

Also, I believe in giving back to my community and I believe that people will pay it forward and spread the joy and happiness of dog training and dog ownership to the people around them!

Our first week saw us learning how to handle our dogs and how to train them using basic positive reinforcement methods. We taught owners to teach their puppies the value of their relationship and we taught owners to randomly put their dog's leash on and take them off.

These are some of the 'tricks' that we use to give our dogs the best starts to their lives with us and our family.

Dogs need to learn that being touched is not always an invitation to play. Similarly, touch isn't something to be afraid of. We need to t

ouch our dogs daily, and this can include brushing and massage, so that we prepare them for their first grooming and vet visits. Dogs that can tolerate touch and not overreact or react negatively will be able to withstand more intrusive procedures such as tick removal, teeth brushing, wound checking or medication application.

We encourage teaching

our dogs the value of proximity and bond building from Day One because they need to understand that we are their guardians and family and we are the people who will provide for their every need. When puppies have that clear understanding that their owners are the only things they should care about, recall training in the future will be a lot easier.

Finally, we encourage owners to randomly put on and take off their dog's leashes throughout the day. When we wait for walking times to put on their leads, our puppies will very quickly make the association that leash equals fun at the park or beach, etc. Some dogs get so excited at the idea of the park when they see the lead that they can't even understand a simple command to sit, in order to put the leash on calmly.

So, this is some of the content you get for £1! That's quite crazy, isn't it?

So, if you are thinking of getting some training done with your puppy this August, we have one more lessons that are priced at £1 - 27th of August.

10am - Camperdown Park, in front of Camperdown House

There will be water available on site. Please bring your puppy on a simple lead (not retractable ones), a poo bag and some treats that your pup loves! It would be a good idea to either give your puppy half a breakfast or if your pup is older than 4 months, you could skip his breakfast and give his breakfast as rewards during class.

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